Early bloomers of cherry blossoms abound the hotel villa where I stayed

Last year, I spent an early spring break in the beautiful, hilly countryside of Taiwan. This year, I’m self-quarantining just like the rest of the world. Tucked in my 28 sq.m. flat in Ho Chi Minh restraining myself from getting bored, I look back at the wonderful experiences I came across with while exploring Nantou, Alishan and Hehuanshan.

unforgettable, idyllic township of Ren'ai

it’s an experience to see & feed the sheep.

they are the bread and butter of a famous farm called Cingjing or Qingjing as locals call it.

souvenir shops mostly sell toiletries such as oil, moisturizer, lotion & soap that are made of Lanolin, a type of wax produced by sheep. they smell temptingly good but…

i was there for the sheep shearing show.

4th of February, the streets in Taipei resemble like a post apocalyptic scene, quiet, lifeless. I went to a farm, up on the township of Ren’ai, and found a sea of people.

Apart from the breathtaking landscape, Sheep-sheering Show is the star of Qingjing Farm. I wonder who among them really did enjoy it. I mean the host, who was obviously not a local was speaking in Taiwanese or Chinese. From the reviews, it was supposed to be funny. But no one in the crowd seemed to be laughing. I might skip this one out next time I go here. I’ll try the Horse Riding Show.

do you know they’ve got coarse hair?

have you ever seen sheep being chased by an herder? it’s quite a funny spectacle.

Qingjing Farm, Nantou County

by far the most beautiful place I’ve seen, where range of mountain peaks meet the clouds, verdant landscapes and small rolling hills come alive straight from Swiss postcard, ah! Nantou! i felt overwhelmed.

i missed the Small Swiss Garden the one with blue windmill. i didnt quite make it to Qingjing Skywalk my legs were sore from walking the whole day. it’s 760 hectare farm after all. and how could i not know about the Jade Lake? there’s just so many things to see & do there.

if you plan to visit, stay in Taichung, hop on the earliest bus to the farm. sleep overnight in Cotswolds. catch the sunrise in Hehuanshan. be with your love. feed the sheep. breathe. because you will be out of breath.

Sheep-shearing Show is only available during holidays

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