Renovated, The 1985 Cafe

Quiet and tastefully rustic, the 1985 Cafe was renovated to fit-in black wooden bookshelves armed with manga comics and Haruki Murakami volumes. Upstairs, I was wowed by the tatami corner in replacement of the red telephone kiosk.

A day in the life of an English Teacher in Vietnam

What’s life like after CELTA? Friday is more like my Monday. It’s busy with two classes, cooking baon for the weekend, and the routinary house chores. But today is rather easy-going. I started off lazily at half past nine with the sun shining at its peak already.  Growing up, I’m unlikely to get excited aboutContinue reading “A day in the life of an English Teacher in Vietnam”

It’s never too late to cook!

…my kitchen was as busy as the famous ‘pho’ stall on the street. I could smell the chicken broth with it’s fume gliding against the cupboard and into the exhaust fan. While am waiting for the tinola to cook, I polished the floor and did the dishes, ninja style. Then, I had a little sip of the broth after it boils. Perfect, I said, and felt my stomach growl. I hope she will like it.

Renewal of lost passport

You’re away from your country of origin and you lost your passport? Here are the procedures to obtain a new one. Note: Costs mentioned here are for Philippine passport holder. Requirements and steps are most likely the same for all nationalities. (a) Fly back to your home country and apply for a new one asContinue reading “Renewal of lost passport”

Passport hiccups and a forced “hero”

Losing a passport. Has it ever happened to you? I pray not. We all know that the process of replacing it is daunting. It would cost a lot of money and most especially—precious time and effort! It’s like a disaster. All your travel plans will crash down right before your eyes the second you foundContinue reading “Passport hiccups and a forced “hero””