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Moc Bai

Moc Bai is not in my best 100 place in the world but...

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Velkommen! Bienvenido! Chào mừng! Willkommen! Mabuhay! Welcome to my blog! I'm a newbie blogger. I wish to travel the corners of the world, see God's  magical works and share it with you...through my eyes. I reblog posts that caught my heart and I fancy writing stories for the weekly writing task. I also write my wonderful… Continue reading Welcome!

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{Reblogged} Old & Wise

I share the same feelings. I have a soft spot for the elderly, I just can’t explain why. Looking at old, white-haired men or women, walking alone or with someone, peacefully sipping a cup of coffee or just simply sitting on a bench with his (white-haired) significant other is just amazing.


Whenever I look at the photos I`ve been taking throughout the years in various places, I notice some recurrent themes. Although I don`t particularly intend to photograph one subject or another, there are definitely some things that get my attention more than others.

One of these recurrent themes is old people. My heart always melt whenever I see an old man or woman having a nostalgic aura, a certain note of kindness in their eyes and a smile on their faces which to me translates into the appreciation of the time which has been generous to them.


Barcelona, Spain


Città della Pieve (Italy):
Italy, Man at Café in Città della Pieve

Lisbon, Women Chat on a Street in Alfama

Orvieto (Umbria, Italy):
Italy, Man Reading in Orvieto

Paris, Autumn in the City

Rome, Woman on the Street in Testaccio


Lisbon, Man on a Bench in Praça da Figueira

Rome, Man at Window in Testaccio

Citta della Pieve (Umbria, Italy):
Italy, Città della Pieve - Reading in the Shadow

Lisbon, Man and Pigeons in Alfama

Amsterdam in Summertime (2012-2013)

Montegabbione (Umbria, Italy):
Italy, Man in Montegabbione

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The Feast of Unleavened Bread

Today, Nisan 1, 5774 I was listening to the Seer attentively. Crouched down, with my old pen and steno notebook on my lap, I am writing down the major points of what he have said about an eventful day in history—when suddenly, everything started to become alive and moving and very fascinating. Midnight (5774 years… Continue reading The Feast of Unleavened Bread