Renewal of lost passport

You’re away from your country of origin and you lost your passport? Here are the procedures to obtain a new one.

Note: Costs mentioned here are for Philippine passport holder. Requirements and steps are most likely the same for all nationalities.

(a) Fly back to your home country and apply for a new one as you did the first time. This would cost a lot more. Requirements are as follows:

1. You will need to get a police report at a police station in the area your passport was lost/stolen. Make sure that there is an English translation available, whether they write it in English or you write an English translation of the police report with their stamp. You can ask a Vietnamese friend to come explain it to them. (This is not directly a requirement for the Travel Document, but you will need to have the police report explained in ENGLISH when applying for a new passport since the DFA will not be able to understand the Vietnamese translation). After receiving the police report, you will need to have it authenticated by the PH Consulate Office.

2. Duly accomplished Affidavit of Loss form

3. 3 recent 3×4 cm pictures with white background

4. Photocopy of your old passport and birth certificate

The processing fees for the Travel Documents:
Rush (3 business days): 920.000VND
Normal (5 business days): 690.000VND

The processing fees for the Authentication of the Police Report:
Rush (3 business days): 805.000VND
Normal (5 business days): 575.000VND

After you receive your Travel Documents, you will need to go to the Immigration Office in HCMC to apply for an exit visa. If you want an expedite process of receiving the exit visa, you can go to a travel agency and ask them to process your exit visa. (Try FISC Agency: 12 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia St., District 1, HCMC, VN, usually you can get the exit visa the next day).

For the costs and requirements of obtaining the exit visa from the Immigration Office or the travel agency, you will need to contact them directly.

(b) Your second option is to apply directly to the Embassy of your country. I recommend this option for those who are not in a rush to have a new passport. Here are the requirements.

1. application form
2. valid government ID
3. affidavit of loss with photocopy of the data page of the lost passport
4. DFA authenticated birth certificate
5. DFA authenticated marriage certificate (married women only)
6. police report with English translation
7. processing fee is 3450.000 dong
8. processing time is four to six weeks

Filipinos in Vietnam wait for the consular mission, which happens twice or once a year.

Consular mission is the chance for Filipinos to apply for:
1. renewal of passport
2. first issuance of passport
3. report of birth
4. renewal of lost passport

Philippine Consulate General:
40-5 Pham Viet Chanh Street, Phuong 19, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City.

Philippine Embassy in Hanoi:
(+844) 3943 7873 (Ext. 114)
(+844) 3943 3849 (Ext. 114)
General matters:
Consular matters:

Both of them responded to my queries about lost passports, cost, procedures and what not.

Please contact them directly for other concerns.

Thanks to Ms. Janice Paglinawan from the Philippine Consulate for all the information she gave me. All the words related to procedures, requirements, costs and tips are from her.

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